I live in the midwest, oh the cold! - I have NEVER liked the cold!... well, I assume I did as a kid, but not so much anymore.  I dream of the day when I can hear the crashing of the ocean and feel the heat of the sun, everyday - flip flops will be optional, barefoot is always best!

But for now, this is home, and it isn't so bad.  In past years I have dreaded the coming of winter.  However, this year is different.  I wouldn't go so far to say I am embracing it, but I have an anticipation for it that I haven't felt in a very long time.  Do you want to know what that is? SNOW!  I can't wait for the look in LB's brown, curious eyes when he sees it for the first time.  The expression on his face when he touches the crisp, cold snow.  (To be honest, he did all of that last year, but he didn't get it - actually, he screamed - he hated the entire 5 minutes he spent sitting in last years first snow).  I had high expectations for this year.  And today, I got them! I woke him up with a new excitement today - SNOW!  As he rubbed his tired eyes, I took him to the window, "Look LB! SNOW!" He could see the excitement on my face, and in my voice - and he echoed mine, "SNOW!"  That smile, that sound - priceless.  In those moments I tell myself, don't ever for get this - DON'T EVER FORGET THIS.  We bundled up and went outside.  He was curious, but not too curious to initiate the meeting, the shaking of hands with 'snow'.  So, I made introductions.  I made a snowball and placed it in his hand - quickly he dropped it, but smiled and said, "Snow,... cold!"

It was a perfect start to my day, and I hope to his as well.