So, I LOVE this saying...  You may be wondering, if you haven't heard it before, well then, how DO you eat an elephant?  Well, the answer is: ... one bite at a time.  

Sometimes,...  most of the time, in life I would like to be able to just be where I want to be.  But, as life should have it; it doesn't work this way.  Bite by bite, or step by step you eventually get to where you are supposed to be.  Sometimes you may choke and sometimes you may stumble but with a lesson or two you eventually learn to chew more slowly or exam better the path you are walking.  But, you do in fact  get there... or at least that is what I am told.

I choke / stumble a lot :)  I have learned that about myself.  I learn by doing and sometimes the ‘doing’ that I choose doesn’t always work out the way I thought.  My life isn’t exactly where I had anticipated it to be at the ripe ol’ age of 29…. Actually, it isn’t even close… and that makes me laugh a little because I can’t really imagine it any other way but exactly how it is.  I think back to all of the different path options and the different ways my life could have ended up …  but really, what is the point of doing that.  It’s called hindsight for a reason.  

In my new little venture, I have to continue to remind myself to move slowly and to stay focused.  And in the grander scheme, my life, I need to remind myself of that as well.  I sometime get so caught up in what I want for my life that I skip the necessary steps to really get to where I am going, and with that, a lot of the excitement that comes a long with figuring it out gets lost too.  

I dislike using the word ‘mistakes’…  I prefer to say lessons for progress.  I have had my share of mistakes, er, I mean, lessons (the lemons). I am a work in progress, and for me,  I wouldn't have it any other way - If I stop being 'in-progress' then what do I become??

I heart my lemons.  Without them, I wouldn't be exactly who I am.  

If you ask this guy, who I am isn't too shaby...