It is amazing how a cookie first thing in the morning can start your day off just right.  Now, this isn’t totally as it sounds – however, I am not a stranger to eating cookies and sweats in the morning but this story isn’t about that, well, not entirely.

Yesterday, as I am getting ready to leave for work, LB points to a package of store bought cookies on the counter and he starts to whine.  My first reaction was, ummm, no you can’t have cookies for breakfast.  But, he was insistent on the cookie and the little tike had been sick and feeling miserable for several days now so I figured what could it hurt?

I open the package and hand him the last cookie form the container.  He hands it back to me.  I look confused and I say “Here LB, you can eat it” trying to reassure him that it is ok.  He hands it back and says “Mommy!’  I was taken back…  He was giving me the cookie…  really?!  I of course squealed in delight.  What a sweet gesture from a tired, sick toddler.  Then I thought, “Does this Boy know me or what? Cookies for breakfast? Yes, please!”

(Side Note:  I bought a package of cookies a few days prior and managed to eat an entire dozen almost all on my own in 2 days. I am addicted to sweats.  ADDICTED.  I bought these cookies because they were calling out to me.  Caramel Toffee Macadamia Nut – need I say more).

Here are a few recipes I will have to try:

Toffee Macadamia Nut

Pretzel Butterscotch Chocolate Chip