2012 has started off with a new sense of focus and calm.  I took a few days off work to spend time with the big guy LB, it doesn't get better than that! We played with little cousins (we worked on sharing) and ate pizza! Then opened some late Christmas presents and played.  It was totally relaxing and fun not having any where to rush off to.  In honor of one of my resolutions (taking more pictures) here are a few from that day: 

He LOVES sharks, one of his new favorites.  He is becoming very accustom to my pictures - he even says 'cheese'!

Then after work yesterday we went to "Mommy's school" ( I take some night classes) and he LOVES going with me because he is infatuated with dinosaurs.  Classes were out so he was able to roam.  We had so much fun - just chillin, no where to be but in the moment.  Check out his smiles:

...and mine are behind the lens :)

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