James and I are Facebook friends.  And, he is my dealer.  :)  He sometimes supplies my addiction...  for antiques!  He keeps my up to date on any of his new finds and gives me a chance to snag them first!  I love having an in! 

So, when he called last week and asked me to squeeze in a session for his wife's family - I had to :) 

I go to their home and take their pictures.  They are a lovely little family.  We got all of the requested poses and a few random too. James sent me a thank you text after I left.  I told him it wasn't a problem at all.  Then, he relied again and said, "it is the first full family picture they have ever had taken."  I about cried.  And, I was honored to do it for them.  Here they are; 4 generations of happiness and love.