Irish Twins are siblings born within 12 months of each other...  so, Mason and Brayden don't exactly fit this definition, BUT, they were born on the same day - 2 years apart.  So, tomorrow is Mason Lee Blands 1st Birthday, and Brayden's 3rd.  

Mason was also one of the first 'clients' I had.  When I started this little venture of mine, I stalked people to do pictures, usually for free.  That meant that my family was 'obligated' to let me do their pictures!  And Mason, was my first newborn.  It was educational - and a great experience! I learned a lot with my first little client.  I, unfortunately, have lost his cute little face to his Dad's photo expertise (B-land Design) - but, I get to snag a family picture now and then.  



Mason is growing up so fast!  One day he was this chunky little guy that could barely sit-up - and now he is on the go, walking every where! He is insanely adorable - of course, that is to be expected coming from cute parents!  He has joined his beautiful, sweet and sincere older sister Maxine.  It will be fun to watch their sibling relationship develop and change phases from enemies to partners in mischief! 

Here is his cute little face - and his cute little family!  

We Love you Mason!  Happy 1st Birthday!