I did not forget.  But, I did fall behind on my Birthday Blog post for my dear brother-in-law, Chris. He is no stranger to Life, Love & Lemons.  His work has been displayed on here many times.  Last Tuesday was his birthday. 

Chris, is one of those 'Jack of all Trades' kind of guy.  He really knows how to do a lot of stuff.  And, it would be hard for me to even attempt to categorize, because he really does a lot.  The most important, of course, is husband and father.  And, I must say, he is pretty darn good at it too!  Chris is always calm.  He doesn't fluster easy, which I admire.  He seems to know a little about everything, and a lot about a lot! Chris is just a likable guy, and is always there when one of us, or anyone, is in a pinch.

He makes his family his number 1 priority.  Mallory and Chris have something very special, and they have made it last, even after being together for nearly a decade.  Mallory and Chris have been very important to me and Brayden.  We balanced crazy schedules together and helped one another out to save on daycare costs, and most importantly, having our kids be able to grow up together.  Maxine and Brayden are like brother and sister they have spent so much time together.  There are moments when they fight, but they are best friends.  Much like Mallory and Chris are to me. :) 


Happy Belated Birthday Chris! :) Thank you for all you do!!