There is a story of a guy who claims to have had a crush on me since junior high.  I, of course, love to hear him tell the story of the boy with a crush on the girl that thought he was too shy. We were talking about this last night.  I have to admit, I get giggly like a school girl when he talks about the different times he noticed me, but he never approached me.  And this story would have stayed this way if it hadn't been for church and his Mom, Denise. 

Here is how the 'story of us' began:

I was making an effort to get into a routine of going to church on a regular basis.  I needed it back into my life.  I ran into Denise a few times at church.  I always make a point to say hello.  She has been a friend of Mom and Dad's forever.  And, she is very likeable, kind, considerate.  Approachable.  So, I would.  It has been like that since high school.  I would acknowledge Denise way before I would acknowledge John...  because he is shy and Denise is not.  :) 

So, this summer I saw her multiple times by coincidence, or so we think.  And then came a Tuesday, late afternoon.  I was coming out of my apartment juggling Brayden and a few presents for McKenna and Benson's Birthday Party.  I heard my name called from the street.  It was Denise.   We had another coincidental meeting that became intentional.  Denise was driving by and saw me.  So, she pulled over and came up to Brayden and I.  We had the usual chit chat, "Hi, how are you? How is work?, etc, etc." Then I could tell something was different.  She was nervous.  And, she was uncomfortable.  That was not typical.   Well, the next question that came out of her mouth was reason for her discomfort.  She was asking for my number, for John.  

So the story goes, as I am told by John, my name got brought up and Denise had mentioned that I wasn't dating anyone.  So, John asked her to get my number.  He thought maybe through a mutual friend, or my mom, or sister.  But, instead Denise saw me, so on that Tuesday in the parking lot she got my number scribbled onto a torn  bank deposit slip (it still hangs on the fridge at our house).  She asked me if I was dating anyone or interested in dating.  My response, "No, I am not dating anyone - and, I am not interested in dating any one.  I am so busy with Brayden and all of my projects I don't have the time. "  And frankly, I was exhausted with the efforts relationships take.  They are work.  And, I just didn't think I was any good at putting in the work they require.  So, I told Denise, "We can be social.  I know it is difficult meeting people out here.  So, here is my number.  Maybe we can hang out sometime. " I could tell Denise was happy to have the number and the uncomfortable situation over! I joke with John that had it been anyone one else but wonderful Denise, I wouldn't have given it out.  I gave my number for her, because how could I say 'no' to kind and sweet Denise. 

So, a few weeks later, we had our first date.  I of course needed a whole new outfit.  I straightened my hair.  I even wore jewelry.  We were going to grill out at his house.  Casual, yet comfortable.  I arrive all fancied up and he answers the door in shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes.  My face turned red.  1. Because I was too dressy for this grilling session and 2. I had forgotten how cute he was.

From that date on, I realized that shy guy had a nack for conversation.  We clicked and it worked.  We have been inseparable ever since. 

... all thanks to Denise :)