Saturday was Kim's Birthday.

Image credit: Chris Bland

Kim is my Sister-in-Law, she is married to my brother Nate.  I must admit, when they married each other, we would be hard pressed to find a better couple.  Nathan is wonderful and funny and kind and sincere.  He loves to cook and laugh.  However, he is not known for his organizational skills.  And, he often can get ahead of himself when taking on tasks.  He likes to do everything.  Kim puts the organization into Nathan's life.  They have 4 children - 6 very busy schedules.  Kim always has a smile on her face and she is great about homemade gifts and cards for every birthday and holiday - even baskets on May Day.  She has the kids homemade art displayed all over the house and she has 4 very happy, busy kids.  Their family is a well run machine.  Nathan and Kim have a lot on their plate.  But, they operate very smoothly.  That isn't to say it is always easy, but they make it look like it is.  

One of the traits I admire most about Kim is her knowledge and work for advocacy.  Drew has special needs - so she has self taught her way through the special needs world.  Not only for Drew, but for her all of her kids.  In every facet of life, in her own and for her kids, she is certain to be the voice.  She doesn't back down.  And most importantly she asks questions.  This may not seem like much.  But, it is.  Kim asks the right questions.  She expects answers and rationale. She goes prepared and she stands her ground.  She is always kind, but she means business.  I don't know if she was like this prior to being a parent - but, I assume it was always in her.  I admire her strength and determination. 

God blesses our lives each differently.  He gave Drew to Kim, and her to Drew.  He gave Nathan; Kim, McKenna, and Drew and continued the blessings with Benson and Cole.  They have a beautiful, happy little family. 

Image Credit: Chris Bland

For all you are and all you do - for your family and all of ours, Thank you!

Happy Birthday Kim!