This post is long over due.  

Aubrey and Justin got married on October 6 and it marked the day of their marriage but also, a milestone for Life, Love & Lemons.  It was officially,  wedding #2.  And, we defiantly chalked it up as a success! 

Their ceremony was intimate and beautiful.  Justin, was a childhood neighbor.  And, he grew up with my brother.  So, this wedding was special to me for many reasons.  Being able to witness and capture their union was close to my heart.   And, I have to admit - I did shed a tear or two during the ceremony. It was heartfelt and beautiful.  The minister held up a string.  She said " I tasked Justin and Aubrey to go home and tie this sting into a knot, together.  At first the task seemed difficult.  However, with communication and working together, the knot came together.  Much like marriage.  It is work, and sometimes hard but communicating and working together will provide a happy and successful marriage." It was very touching. 

Congratulations Justin and Aubrey!

Here is a glimpse inside their beautiful and special day.