...that smile...So, this post is a few weeks early.  He doesn't turn 18 until March.  However, I took some of his Senior pictures yesterday and it made me sad... :(

My little brother Nick is the baby of the family.  We are 11 years apart so, myself and the other older siblings helped a lot.  There were so many of us that our household was always a team effort.  

I would always make Nick hold my hand.  If we were walking to Sunday school after church, to the park, through a parking lot, ect.  He would always argue with me but he would eventually give in and listen. For some reason, I have always had the hardest time remembering his age.  To me, Nick was always 8. It was the age that was ingrained into my brain.  Each year was another birthday and another year further from 8.  It became my joke with him every birthday, "How old are you again, 8?"   I think that is when he really came into his own.  He started being intentionally sneaky but also developed a strong work ethic (yes, at 8).  

Nick is a stinker.  He is sensitive and stubborn and a self proclaimed Mama's boy - and proud of it! He has this smile - a smile that always says "I am up to something." And bets are, he usually is.  He had to survive a household of women ( Dad and Nathan were usually working outside).  I attribute that to his sensitive nature, and he will probably be mad at me for posting that but, it is one of my favorite traits about him.  I believe it will make him a wonderful husband / partner someday. 

You add a spark of life to our family, always have.  When we watch you graduate, there wont be a dry eye in the family.  We are proud of you.   Whatever you do, it is going to be great. We love you.  And, no matter how many days and years go by I will always see the 8 year old in you.

Check out the first session of Nick's Senior picturess here!