This weekend I tackled my first furniture makeover!  I was so excited to start this.  I have a lot of my own furniture that I is a hand-me-down, yard sale, or thrift store find.  I have been looking forward to finding the time to do this – it has been several years in the making!  I have steps,  tips and lessons learned (you can’t have a first project without learning a thing or two)!
1) First, I bought this great dresser from a thrift store for $25 (give or take a buck) – I bought a bunch of stuff that day I can’t really remember.  It was pretty sound – nothing that can’t be fixed with wood glue and some nails.  
2) I have done a lot of reading on furniture painting – so I tried to do my homework before starting (good for me – I don’t usually do that).
3) I selected my color.  I wanted something bold – but would still match my furniture.  I love blues and greens – but, I wasn’t sure where I was going to put it so I wanted something a little neutral.  I decided to stick with my lemon theme – yellow, bright vibrant Amber Magic yellow!  
4) Bought supplies.  I had to start from scratch on supplies.  So, the initial investment was a little more costly but I will be able to use these for multiple projects:
Paint - $16
Paint brush - $4
Grout - $5
Stain - $5
Hand sander - $8
Sand paper - $6
Handles - $20
5) Using the chalk paint – you aren’t supposed to have to use a primer or have to sand first (I LOVE eliminating steps)!  The recipe for the chalk paint is approximately 1 Cup of latex paint to 2 Tbls of sandless grout.  It should look like cake batter.  
6) I painted.  The first two coats didn’t cover like I wanted so I needed to do a third.  
7) I did some light sanding after.  
8) Wiped off dust.  
9) Then put the stain on with a brush and wiped it off with a rag.    
I love my lemon dresser!
Lesson learned:  I couldn’t get the handles off initially so I decided to leave them on and painted them while attached.  That caused streaks in my paint, hard to cover handles, and I didn’t like the way it looked.  While laying in bed I was being haunted by those handles.  So, I decided to give them another try to get them off.  With a little luck, a rubber mallet, and my brother for the stubborn ones the handles came off!  I had to back track a few steps.  I had to re-sand and repaint where the handles where… that’s right, three more coats…  3 more hours of waiting between coats… ugh!  I am so impatient!  Then I sanded, stained, and wiped.  I put the new handles on and the drawers back in the dresser and (almost) PERFECTION ! 
My mom was cautious of my color and technique – but after she saw the final product, I won her over!  I convinced her to let me paint a stand in the bathroom BLUE!!  I can’t wait!!  That is on this weekends to-do list! Also, I just bought an hold sewing table to conquer as well!