I am having a bad day...  boo.

I try to usually only post happy, encouraging - if you fall down brush your self off and get back up kinda blogs.  Today, I don't feel like it.  

I did turn to good ol' faithful Marc and Angel to help me look at the brighter side.  It helped.  But, for the reasons I am not so happy today aren't going away because I read some encouraging words.  They will still be there.  And, there is still no immediate solution....  there are choices - none of which I like but sometimes the hard stuff requires actions, even if they are unfavorable.  

I flipped through my 'little book of quotes' that sits on my desk.  It's a good thing it isn't a calendar... because I keep flipping until I find the one that fits me for the day.  I had to go through  a lot to get one for today... but there was one:

'Every flower that blooms has to go through a whole lot of dirt'


So, here is to the necessary bad days.  For with them, they make the good ones sunnier. Hopefully, tomorrow the sun is shining (figuratively and literally).