I had the privilege of taking Ashley's senior portraits this weekend.  Isn't she lovely!

We had a lot of fun :)  And, we even got an impromptu tour of the local Museum by the sweetest gentleman.  He, who has been married for 58 years, still referred to his wife as his lovely bride.  With that, he also gave some advice for a long and healthy marriage.   He said with an ear to ear grin, "...it is hard sometimes... actually, no it isn't!  The truth is, we are friends.  That's the secret.  Be great friends." That made me smile - inside and out.  He gave us lots of information about the city, where the name came from and some of the past businesses and buildings that have long since past.  Who knew?! 

We went to multiple locations - and they all turned out really wonderful.  I really had to limit the number of pictures I posted - there were so many beautiful ones to choose from!  She made it easy with a face like hers! We had to combate alittle wind but it added a little something to the pictures as well.  Check out more of Ashley's senior pictures in the Gallery