This is what I wake up to on most mornings: 

We had this co sleeping thing kicked but...  when little ones get sick, snuggling is what they want.  LB has had a rough few months.  Nothing serious, thank the Lord, but with this weather and daycare comes lots of germs... and with that sleepless nights. 

I (we - his dad too) have been trying to get him back into his bed and sleeping independently.  I love it when I get a good nights sleep - and I love that he seems refreshed when he sleeps on his own.  I am a restless sleeper so I know my tossing and turning wakes him and he doesn't sleep as well as he could if he were alone.  BUT, I have that ache deep down that really doesn't mind that he is with me.  I get to wake up to this squishy little face!  I get ready in the morning before I wake him.  When it is his time to wake up - I kiss on his belly, cheeks, neck, feet...  And, he will smile, eyes still closed he will usually laugh and say "No Mama!"... and sometimes he means it...  really, don't touch me - I am asleep! This morning he said "No, stay".  He was communicating that he didn't want to get out of bed - and that point was emphasized even greater when I sadly turned down his request for a donut. 

It is a little bit of a conundrum...  This co sleeping / independently sleeping topic.  I want to do right by him - and by myself too but then I think well, he is only little for so long and I should embrace it as long as he is happy to snuggle up with me but, I like my peaceful sleep too!  What to do?  I guess time will tell.  Until then, I will sleep when I can - and snuggle up when I can't.