How does the game go? ... It has been years since I have done this but I think it looks something like this:

  • Person puts blind fold on
  • Person gets spun around a dozen or so times 
  • Person is given a donkey tail with a pin attached
  • Person tries to fumble their way to the target, the donkey's behind

Sound familiar?  It should.  It sounds like life to me. I feel like that is what my life resembles sometimes. I fumble around not knowing where I am going.  But, I know what my target is - I just need to feel around until I make it there.  The interesting part is the crowd that surrounds you.  In the game of pin the tail on the donkey - you have those in the crowd that do 1 of 3 things: Encourage you, Mislead you, or do nothing.  Again, seems a lot like life too.  There are the few who encourage and try to point you in the right direction.  And, no matter how far you get from the donkeys behind, they keep leading you back in the right direction.  I have those.  The few in the crowd. They support and encourage.  But, most importantly they hope and have faith that I will find my way to that target.  I may not get it right on, but trying and aiming is better then never playing the game. 


I am going to play with a smile and give it what I've got - even if I sometimes look like the donkey's behind ;)


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