"I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night" ~ galileo

There is beauty in the clarity and silence of the dark night.   I love that.  Stepping outside after a long day and resting a minute on the front porch step. The loud of the world is silenced and there is purity in the smell and sounds - smells and sounds that you can only experience when the world decides to rest.   The stars gleam more brightly when it is darkest. In those moments I feel so small.  And, in that smallness comes a calm.  I exhale deeply, releasing all troubles of the day. It feels that the world weighs on me some days and then I realize that it doesn't.  This is just another day.  And with that brings another tomorrow and another opportunity to not only just exist but to live.  I draw in another deep breath and grin, a thankful smile for the blessing of a wonderful life.  

...Now back to doing laundry ;) - Which, reminds me of a saying a heard somewhere...  

Dishes to do means we have food in our bellies, Laundry to wash means we have clothes on our bodies, and a house to clean means we have a roof over our heads....  And, toys to trip over means I have the most amazingly awesome little man in my life...    

Yup, Our Life is pretty fantastic!

I hope you all have a phenomenal weekend!