Many of us have heroes.  People in our lives and those throughout history that over come seemingly impossible odds.  They accomplish challenges with humility, grace, and beauty.  That defines true character – not being a victim of circumstance but instead become empowered by those challenges. 

Tucker Morefield had many heroes.  He loved sports (Go Illini!) with every ounce of him.  He shared that bond with many friends and his Dad.  Tucker never realized, but many others did, that He is a hero.  You might be fooled by the first impression, a young man confined to a wheelchair but, it did not confine his spirit.  Tucker was the only boy of triplets born on October 9, 1994.  The Morefield family faced many challenges – but, view every moment in life as a blessing.  They have spent their lives surrounded by supportive family and great friends.  They have had to jump more hurdles then most of us will ever have to encounter in a life time.  Tucker, a born fighter, embraced his individuality.  He welcomed those who did not understand his differences.  He would always be the first to say ‘Hello’ to a strangers gaze.  You can bet that if you gave Tucker a few minutes – he would have you laughing.  His charm radiated every where he went – and to everyone who met him.  Tucker loved life. 

He was blessed to have two sisters that share the same firery tenacity for life.  Can you imagine all of that spunk under one roof?!

Tucker’s spirit was not justified by his body.  It presented him with more and more challenges, and it eventually grew tired.  Tucker passed away on Wednesday, March 28th. His spirit and strength can now continue on without his failing body. 

I have not known Tucker for very long, months only actually.  However, he has made a lasting impression on my life.  His smile made your heart melt – and, you couldn’t help but to smile along with him.  If I can live my life with half of the intention that he did, then I know I will have a fulfilled life.   Tucker physically leaving is sad, but his spirit remains in all those who knew him.  There are so many that will be reminded daily of his joking, laughing, and smiling – that he never really leaves us, the heroes never do.