'Be the change you hope to see in the world' - Gandhi

I was going to post some pictures of LB that I took yesterday during our beautiful 'spring' day play but I was moved to post something different. Appropriate.  I was going to share special moments in my sons life not even thinking twice that there are children out there without that same innocence to experience. It is all over Facebook.  I saw it this morning but didn't pay much attention until I saw post after post after post.  I decided it was something that I should check out.  I encourage everyone to watch, share, and support this cause.  

I was saddened to hear when it was first requested to our government to help - we did nothing.  It didn't serve 'our own interest.'  I am disgusted at the impact this man has had on the world.  But I am inspired by what we can do if we take action.  Our children are our future.  If we don't protect them, what does that mean for the worlds survival?  


Here are the links: 

Facebook - Invisible Children

Website - www.invisiblechildren.com Sign and Support.  I bought my kit! 

Youtube - Kony2012

Be the change.