This little Man, isn't he adorable?... and he looks totally innocent most of the time :)

(note the basket of fruit on the table)

Well, this morning while attempting to get ready for work...  I found random fruit laying all over.  See evidence:



I guess he got bored during his breakfast and pondered, "What should I do with this fruit that resembles a ball?"...  

So, imagine my amusement when I found it laying all over the floor!  When confronted, "NeNe, did you throw this fruit?" He looked at me with those big brown eyes and replied, "uh ha". He's great about honesty!  He always tells the truth when you ask what happened...  unless it involves:

  • pooping - "Ne Ne, Did you poop?" - His response "Nope!" or
  • dinosaurs biting his finger - Find Brayden Crying, "what happened?" His response, "Dinakaur bite" while holding out his fineger like he was ET.  This happens like 10X a day!

 I found a random kiwi on the floor when I went home for lunch.  It made me smile and laugh out loud! Goodness, I love that boy!!... and ball shaped fruit!