I was thinking about a Friday post - I love to start the weekend this way.  However, I wasn't sure what to do for today.  I was feeling like I needed something uplifting - not because I was down - but, because I felt like sharing some spirit.  


On my Facebook newsfeed I saw that Layla from The Lettered Cottage had shared a video ( I love The Lettered Cottage).  This video was called "Transcending", a reading by Kelly Corrigan.  So, I pressed play. And then, I heard some really beautiful words about Life, Love, Friendship, Parenting, Struggles, - Bonds that are shifted but never broken.  I did some more searching about Kelly Corrigan and found several books from her that are now in my Amazon shopping cart.  

In this life, I don't stop to breathe as often as I should -  she captures the everyday business in her reading. The everyday moments that never seem overly glamorous suddenly become very beautiful by the words she strung together.  It feels like daily I hear of loss of life.  Some by those who lived 80+ beautiful years and others that did not, and it was too soon.  There are even more that struggle - be it life circumstances, tragedy, or illness but through the challenges they do it with character, beauty, and grace.  They transcend - rise above, elevate, surpass. 

Here is the video - Share it.  I think it has a beautiful message.  Just right for another Wonderful Everyday Friday.