Intense title, right?  I went to church on Sunday.  Something that doesn't happen as often as it should.  I have moved (again) so with that comes a new church.  

I was raised Catholic - Church and Sunday school every weekend, religiously (pun intended).  Church and Sunday school wasn't something that I loved - it was just something that you did. My parents do it every weekend - they never miss, even when they are on vacation or trying to make it to my brother's basketball game.  They find the closest church and they go.  To be honest, I don't know that they have ever missed.  

As I got older and busier, church became secondary - It quickly moved down the list in priority.  I am ashamed to say, sleeping-in took precedent.  However, I am finding my way back.  Faith and Religion is a deep topic.  With my growing up my skepticism about 'religion' grew, but my faith never faltered.  I always have God - in the good and the bad - he is always there, and I know that.  With that frame of mind, I also didn't see why it was necessary to go through the traditions that organized religions have.  God is everywhere I go, why do I need to go to church? But, with the never ending shifts that parenthood brings, also does enlightenment about faith, religion, and God.  In general life, I do what my parents did.  They went to church.  We did all of the necessary milestones through the Catholic faith.  And, I see that as important.  I want Brayden to do that.  I want him to have the instilment of faith and God.  

Through my own growth, my viewpoint (and I do mean mine, agree or not - it is my opinion) church is important.  It is faith based school and education.  Church is there to be the reinforcing reminder of living the best life.  I just learned that yesterday.  29 years of church and I had that epiphany yesterday.  I think I knew, but something clicked on Sunday.  The Priest spoke really beautifully.  He spoke of a journey and referred to the reading in the Bible.  The journey to Jesus and the journey Jesus puts us on. That stood out to me.  He said,"...the hardest journey we will ever have to make is the distance between our mind and heart." He said "how often do we say to ourselves, I should drink less.  I should stop smoking.  I should be more patient.  I should stop yelling at my kids so much.  I should donate more money or time.  I should speak softer. I should smile more.  All of the things that our heart says we should do - but our mind leads us in a different direction." Was he speaking just to me?  It felt like it.  Ultimately, the sermon was about the journey to Jesus, and God.  Act on what you know is right.  Live justly.  Act with Love.  Know God.  

This may be a new Monday topic - my journey back to church.  I still believe that God is everywhere I am - and religion, attending church is a matter of preference.  To me, I need to be more disciplined about going to church so I can be reconnected with God.  I need to hear the stories in the bible.  I need to learn from their message and apply it to my life.  I need Brayden to develop that connection with God.  I talk about Him with Brayden.  I have been making the effort because I knew we would be making this journey together and he needs a foundation.  I say "Who loves you?"  As rehearsed he replies, "Mama and Dadda." Then I say, "Who else?" And from there we name all 70 members of both sides of the family.  Then I say "and God loves you."  So, that is part of the 70 names.  I also talk about God's house (church).  He will go soon.  I need to get reacquainted first.  Let the journey begin.