My little Man is visiting family in Virginia (tear).  I don't even know what to do.  I catch myself wanting to do the things as if he were here - pointing at trains, playing the drums in the car singing to our favorite songs, pointing out airplanes in the sky and cows in pastures...  Constantly checking for the little man in my rear view mirror.  I can't even type this out without crying.  I will say, I enjoyed a full nights rest without interruption and took an extra long shower with loud music.  That was nice.  However, I miss the little booger interrupting my shower asking for a cookie (for breakfast) and dinosaur cartoons.   I love to hear his little feet hit the floor and coming running down the hall to th bathroom in the morning.  I love seeing that sleepy smile.  I love the conversation we have every morning while getting dressed, he says "Mommy go to work.  NeNe go to school (sad face).  See Miss Megan (happy face)?! - that's his teacher, he loves her! I miss the way my heart aches when I drop him off.  And I miss the excitement on his face (and on mine) when he comes running to me when I pick him up.  

I find comfort knowing how much fun he is going to have.  His Grammy is excited beyond words.  He and Grammy have a special bond.  In the Shenandoah Valley, the upcoming week is bigger than Christmas.  It is the Apple Blossom Festival.  It is a week long celebration full of music, food, festivities, and a sea of green and pink.  I am excited that Brayden will have that to look forward to every year.  Virginia will always be a special place to him, he has roots there.  And, as much as my roots are in Illinois - part of my heart will always be among the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

I have some fun stuff happening this weekend!  Garage Sales - YES!  It is that time of year and I can't wait - hoping to find some new treasures.  I am working on a China Cabinet this weekend - fingers crossed and I can get it done by Sunday.   I also have my brothers prom so I get to take some fun and pretty pictures of them AND a 3 month new baby to capture!  I plan out every minute of these upcoming days to keep me busy - otherwise, I sulk in bed watching home movies with a bag of peanut better M&M's and a box of tissues. I am sure next week there will be a 'bad day' post about missing my little man...  But, I will push through - keeping busy and getting a lot done.  I can't wait to share my new projects!