I got an early Mother's Day gift when I dropped Brayden off at school today: 

Yup. I cried.  - I didn't even read it there, I didn't want everyone to see my tears.  The hand prints was all it took.  I closed up the card.   I waited until I got to work to read it.  I cried silently in my cubical as I touched is little hand prints and read the words "... But everyday I'm growing and soon I'll be so tall that all those hand prints will be hard to recall.  So here's my special handprint, made in my own way, just so you can remember how it looked on Mother's Day.  I love you Mommy!"  

I know Brayden doesn't really understand the gift - or how so very special it is.  Someday he will when I am pulling it out 30 years from now and showing it to his little ones "...and here is your Daddy's hand prints.  Yes, he did use to be that tiny!" 

Brayden did the cutest thing on Monday - and I am reminded every morning when I look on my kitchen counter.  I have a half eaten Oreo sitting there.  I can't bring myself to throw it away.  On Monday, B and his Dad hung out so he could have a transition day after vacation in VA.  But, he also had to go to the doctor because he is sick, again...  So, they pick me up from work.  I jump in the truck and immediately turn to greet my little man in the back seat.  He holds his hand out and says "here Mommy!"  He was beaming ear to ear, lips covered in Oreo cookie.  Mike explained, "He wanted to bring a cookie for you, but he couldn't take it - He had to eat the center out."  So, in my hand I held each end of the oreo cookie, with no center.  And B, he was SO excited to give me that cookie.  And he said, "Eat it!"  I smiled and pretended to eat the cookie.  I am not stranger to finishing his half eaten food - but this one, I couldn't do it.   It was the only evidence of this moment, the gift from my little man.  This memory of the entire moment that I don't want to let go of.  So, I guess until it turns green - I get to relive that memory every morning when I go in to make my coffee.  

Brayden - I know this is Mother's Day weekend, and the intention is to celebrate all of the Mommies. But, I wouldn't be the person I am or a Mommy without you!  Thank you for being the happiest, warmest, sweetest, sincerest part of my everyday.  

You are my heart. 




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