This is Macey Moo.  

She is my beautiful niece.  

She LOVED her toads that were found in the flower bed at Grandma's house on Mother's Day.  This also happened to be two days before she turned 4.  These were the last days she would still be considered a 'toddler'.  As of yesterday, she is 4.  Next year at this time we will be talking to her about Kindergarten.  

Where does time go?  It seems like yesterday she was still in her Mama's belly.  But, here she is - not yet school age, but no longer a toddler.  I miss that - her toddler days.  I know they aren't gone but slowly everyday she will get a little older.  And, all that will be left will be memories of our 'use to be toddler'.

There are a few characteristics that really stand out about Macey.  First is the obvious, she is adorable.  Second, her completely stubborn nature.  Our family jokes and teasers her - we egg her on to see her "as a matter of fact" attitude.  Her Aunt Zie nicknamed her the "Brut".  And, it fits.  :) She is so head strong.  She does everything on her terms. 

But, her stubbornness is completely out weighed by her love and innocence.  She has a smile that lights up a room.  And a hug that warms your heart.

Happy 4th Birthday Little Macey Moo! We love you!