I am never able to look at bugs the same way.  My Mom and nephew Benson love them...  seriously, they LOVE bugs.  Mom loves spiders and Benson loves scorpions.  Actually, Benson loves all cool looking creatures.  But, bugs are his favorite.  He may be on a path to be an Entomologist.  He knows the names of them all, before too long he will be spouting out scientific names to us.  He LOVES Bug Wars - or Monster Bug Wars....  the show where they teach who is the coolest bug is and why.  If his Mom and Dad would let him, he would keep every cool creatures he finds.  He always has a new one to educate us about - I love the information he gives and he does it with such enthusiasm - real true excitement.  I love that about him. 

Benson is also very mild natured. Calm, polite, and very sensitive to others feelings.  And, would ya look at those eyes! 

Happy 6th Birthday Benson!!

We love you! :)