A decade ago, my niece McKenna Lyn was born.  Now, she did not come into our lives until she was 3.  My brother married her mom.  McKenna and her brother Drew were the first little ones in our family.   My other siblings hadn't had any children yet.  Needless to say, Mckenna was not deprived of attention.  :)  We all  fought to be the 'favorite aunt'.

As a little girl, McKenna was interesting.  How many 3 / 4 year olds do you know that love to vacuum and fold laundry?  Her room was always immaculate, and still is.  Now, her bedroom has shifted some from the little girl pastel toddler room to hot pink and zebra print and posters of Justin Bieber, but still very tidy. She always astonished us by her memory.  It is like an elephant.  No joke.  She remembers where, when, how ...and what you were wearing! 

Within the past decade, all of my siblings have gone on to get married and have children.  There are 8 more nieces / nephews.  Attention is now divided in ten, so McKenna doesn't get the same attention she did when she was a little girl.   She has shifted from being the baby to being the big girl, who is a big help.  She helps Grandma organize book orders for school, helps her Mom wrangle and organize the boys in the house - they are out numbered 2 to 4.  She helps to entertain and calm the chaos that the younger children cause during family gatherings. 

McKenna is: intelligent, beautiful, crafty, trendy, and sensitive.  She is transforming from the adorable little girl to a beautiful young lady - I can't wait to see what the next decade holds for McKenna. 

Happy 10th Birthday McKenna!! :)