I was going to wait and post these tomorrow....  but, in typical Megan fashion, I am too excited not to share :)  I had a perfect weekend of pictures - We had to delay a bit to wait for the dark clouds to pass but, I am so glad we did.  I got two fantastic sessions in...  and, they turned out just lovely.  Check out Courtney's Senior Smiles Session and below ... I can hardly find words to describe the UNBELIEVABLE cuteness you are about to experience...  There are no words.  With every image - I shook my head and smiled.  THOSE EYES!!  Seriously?  - every image.  

The funny part - The little adorable sweetie has been known to be difficult to get her picture taken...  You would never know - she did just beautifully! 

And the little fella - Well, I could have edited for days - every image was adorable.  You will see what I mean...  scroll and ENJOY! ;)

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