I have a little story to tell.  I feel that there is something to it but I can't put my finger on it - or find the word to describe it - but, you will hopefully see what I mean as you read on.

So, big plans for garage sales last Saturday with my Mom.  We hit a community sale and found some real treasures! After piling all of our goodies into the car - it was packed full, We went on our way back home.  There was nothing out of the ordinary.  Unpacked the car, drove to my apartment - then realized I forgot my purse, with my apartment keys.  So, a few curse words later - I drive all the way back to my parents, got my purse, and hung out for a bit.  Then I had to go home and get ready for some photo sessions...  btw: they turned out amazing.  See them here and here

I wanted to stop and get a soda.  I reach for my money (I had roughly $100 cash that I didn't spend at the sales).  It was no where.  I call my mom.  She searched.  And still, no money.  I did my photo sessions and tried to forget about it.  But, that $100 bucks is hard to come by - so, I was literally sick over it.  But, I let it go.  Actually, I didn't.  It was haunting me.  Did I leave it some where?  If so, where???  If it fell out of my pocket, you would think some good citizen would have done something, anything to find the owner.  I mean really, I was shopping at garage sales...  I think that implies I am not a millionaire :)

Like a good girl, I got up bright and early on Sunday so I could go to church.  (This is a new journey I am on.  I posted about it here and here).  As I am sucking down every drop of my coffee before I go in, I am wondering what to do about the offer plate.  I had a few $20's because I got paid for one of my sessions the day before.  But, being I just lost $100 - I by no means could afford to put a $20 in there.  So, I thought, well maybe I will skip this week...  No, I can't do that.  Ugh, I will write a check.  So, I get out the ol' check book and go into the center compartment to get a pen... And wouldn'tchyaknow - there is my money :) Appropriate, finding it while sitting in the church parking lot.  I smiled, and I thanked God for the lesson, AND my money.  

I put an extra $5 in the offer plate - after all, I had it to give.  

Now, I did learn several valuable lessons during Mass - about donating talents and money.  They also talked about us being the branches of the vine - God is the vine.  And, there were some other really good points....  but, I forgot them.  I may have to take in my note book.  Or, ask the Priest if I can take the missalette home and use it for my notes?  Do they do that?  Anyway, I will get it figured out. 

Well, here is a video  -  food for thought.  :)  I am not a HUGE fan of his but, this is a keeper.  Great message.  Happy hump day!