I had the best date last night :)  Brayden got to come with.  We shared pizza and stories - it was comforting to have someone to relate with.  Laugh with.  And make future plans with.  

This date was not with a guy - It was with a fellow single mom.  I heard my story - but it was coming out of her mouth.  It was so much like mine.  Our kids got to play and we got to laugh.  We shared stories about how we got here, and how happy we are.  We laughed about dating, ... actually the lack of dating. We smiled as we joked about the exhaustion that comes along with doing this 'on our own' - even with the support of our family.  We were understanding of the constant interruptions by our children's bathroom trips, tantrums, and bumps.  We acknowledged the time and the need  to rush off for baths and bedtime, even though we could have kept talking about our endless stories that have lead us here and plans for the future.  

It's funny.  I forget that there are other people that have the same stories.  I get so wrapped up in my little world that I don't always recognize those with similar situations.  I am so focused on getting through the day that I don't always make the time to connect with others.  I really didn't know what I was missing.  But today, even through my exhaustion of dealing with a 2 year old that just does not want to let me sleep through the night, I am in a great mood because I feel less alone.  Not lonely - that isn't the same.  I feel that I have another person with the same story.  She Gets It.  I know there are a lot of single moms, I just didn't have any in my life.  But, now I do - and I am so thankful for my friendly blessing.