I have this dream of living by the beach someday, sooner rather than later...  but I would take later over never.  

I see everyone going on vacation and some of the photographers I follow have been posting photo sessions from the beach.  Uh, I painfully ache to be there.  There is a calm that comes over me.  My worries rush away with the waves leaving the shore.  The vastness of the ocean makes me feel small, and makes my worries seem like nothing.  So, now starts my beach fund - I should have planned ahead and started it this winter but, that's ok.  I will start now - and I can be very frugal.  Our vacation doesn't have to be elaborate - just Me, B and the ocean.  

The Outer Banks is where Brayden put his toes in the sand for the first time, at about 8 months old.  Most mornings, He would wake up early so I seized the opportunity.  We wandered outside and watched the sunrise and played in the sand while most of the world slept, missing the beauty that we were experiencing.  Brayden doesn't remember that, but I want him to experience that beauty and that calm of the ocean.  I want us to pick a new place along the ocean to visit every year.  Some where new with different people, store fronts, and restaurants - but the same big ocean.  He is at such a fun age - I know he and I would have a blast.  I give it about 10 more years (if I am lucky) that he will still like to hang out with me.  Come those teenage years, he will think I am totally lame and will be embarrassed to be seen with me.  So, I need to take advantage now.  Soak up the fun before this time is gone.

So the saving and searching begins for our calm along the shore line.  

Any recommendations?  Where are you traveling this summer?  

Happy Friday!  Have a fabulous weekend!