"The best Dads get promoted to Grandpa"

Some of the best men I have ever known in my life have come to be known as Grandpa or Pa :)

They get one day a year dedicated to them, when they deserve many many more.  

I think about the pride I have when I tell stories of my Pa.  He defines a great man.  I think he is where I inherited my smile - He always smiled.  Always.  

To Pa, Thank you for my Norwegian stubbornness.  Thank you for all of the beyond wonderful memories of complete silliness.  From coloring your toe nails to doing your hair - Those are the memories Grandkids deserve to keep forever.  Anytime you were around there was always laughter.  You and Grandma were the foundation of what every family should be and have.  Respect and kindness for everyone.  You had 8 wonderful kids that you passed that foundation on to, and they have passed it down to us.

To my Dad, you embody the teaching of your dad (Pa).  You and he have so many similar mannerisms.  I think it quietly to myself when I observe your gestures.  Thank you for my childhood - there isn't enough time or words to explain the lasting impact that you have had on me.  Thank you for disagreeing with me, and supporting me anyway.  I think about some of the qualities I carry and how I am so much like you.  We share a love for history, psychology, and politics.  And, you have left with me a love for the earth and land that most people don't see.  I love the sound of Brayden's excitement when we pull up to the farm - and to watch him go running and yelling "Grandpa, Grandpa".  I love that the farm will always be a big part of his life, as it is mine. 

For the other 354 days that aren't dedicated to great Dad's, Grandpa's, and Pa's - You are always respected and loved.  I am glad there is 1 day a year to help remind me how fortunate we all are!

From all of us ~ We love you!