I often describe my sister Marcy as a combination of Mother Theresa and Betty Crocker.  And, for those who watched Desperate Housewives, she is Brie without all of the murders and drama.  She always has home baked goods.  Her house is always clean.  She feeds our entire family almost once a week.   I do it once a year for Brayden's birthday and after it is over I swear I will never do it again...  It is so much work.  She always makes it look so easy.  Cleaning,cooking, and always smiling. 


Today is her Birthday.  :) 

Married to her husband Al for 10 years this summer and the mother to 6 children, 3 beautiful little ones that we get to experience and enjoy life with, Malayna, Macey, and Nolan.  And, 3 little ones that are our angels, Makayla, Justin, and Jonathan - we will meet them again when our spirits leave our bodies.  God and Pa have wonderful company.  They say God never gives you more than you can handle - well,  I would say he really pushed his limits on this young couple.  But they survive and thrive - living the only way they know how, making the most of everyday - for every detail is a blessing. Marcy and Al have had a lot of struggles - but they too have more blessings than they could count! And they know it.  

An ongoing theme in my life is not always appreciating what is right in front of me.  Marcy is one of those blessings that I don't give enough credit to - not nearly as often as she deserves.  She is just like our Mom.  She gives and gives and gives.  She smiles all of the time.  She is intelligent and beautiful.  She is a wonderful Mother.  She is a great person to look up to, always has been.  She was the angel, I was not.  Marcy and I spent more hours then I could ever calculate staying up late talking, laughing, crying.  Doing what defines sisters.  As life has it, there aren't too many days when we get to do that like we use to - but she always makes time for her family and friends - and strangers.  She has the heart of a saint.  Her and Al have done more for me then I could ever list.   The message is always the same, We support you, we love you.  If they are like that for their sister - can you imagine the type of parents they are?   

Happy Birthday to my amazing sister - You are loved :)