...  AND an Addict...  :)

So, I have a problem.  I suppose that is the first step - Admission.  I purposefully hide my addiction, for fear of an intervention.  

I am addicted to furniture and anything old in nature.  I am no stranger to picking something up off the curb that is no longer being loved by its owners.  I shop at Salvation Army, Thrift Stores, Facebook, and garage sales.  I love junk.  I slow at the homes of real hoarders.  I dream about all of the treasures they have stashed away.  I seriously think the 2 guys from American Pickers have the best job EVER!  

So I live in a little apartment (that happens to be above a thrift store) - and I drive a mini SUV (aka a Mom car).  Neither of these are equipped to handle my addiction.  I have a long hall leading to my staircase that gets me up to my second floor apartment.  It is also used as my storage unit.   I laugh when people come over - I sheepishly admit my addiction - not that I need to point out the obvious.  I will cram anything I can into my car - but, the items I purchase don't typically fit.  So, I have to beg and plead with my family to help lift, transport and maneuver my purchased item into one of the storage areas.  It's a good thing they love me! 

Unfortunately, I have evidence: 

However, I believe (like most hoarders) that there is a reason for this madness.  All of these little treasures are either photography props or an object to be used for my creative art.  I revamp and resell - unless I fall in love with it, then I keep it.  All of this 'junk' is transformed into something beautiful (well, at least I think it is).  I have evidence of that too (thank goodness - it makes me look alittle less crazy - I hope):

I have a lot more finished projects, somehow I forget to get pictures of the transformation.  However, you can read about 2 of them here and here.  Later this week or next week I am going to have an entry or two on a few of my latest projects and some DIY tips. 

Some of my little projects can be found in the not so little resale shop in downtown Sandwich, IL.  Follow Treasures Past and Present on FB! 


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