I know every parent experiences this phase of life as their children are growing up.  Every word in a 2/ 3 year olds vocabulary totally disappears and it is replaced with only one "why"?  I have had to explain more random rhymes and reasons then I really even know.  Don't get me wrong, I love an inquisitive mind - and, I am much like that still.  I need to know why and how for me to really learn.  So, I welcome the "why" - but I think there should be a cap.  A maximum of 5,...  or maybe less...  ;)

B and I are observers.  I point out everything with enthusiasm - and he will react with enthusiasm.  Bugs, birds, squirrels, dogs, clouds, sun, moon, tree, train, big truck...  ect.  He usually points and echoes me.  But now, it is "Why?".  Everything - is "why?"  Even after the explanation I give, he obviously doesn't think it is sufficient because that is followed up with yet another, "why?"


Mommy: "Look B, a train!"  

B: "Why?"  Mommy: "It is going home for the day."  

B: "Why?"  Mommy:  "Because they are all done working so they are going home."  

B: "Why?" Mommy: "Because that is how they go to work and go home from work, just like Dadda.  Dadda rides the train."

B: "Why?" Mommy: "It is transportation - can you say that?" B: "tan-postation.  Why?"  

Mommy: "Transportation is how we get from one place to another.  We ride in the stroller, in Mommy's car, on a bus, truck, airplane, and train - they are all examples of transportation."

B: "Why?"  

Mommy: "Look a squirrel!"  B: "Why?"

....  I give up....  

It is his response to everything!  We are working on potty training so we are discussing the difference between boys and girls...  oh geez.  That is fun to have "why" after every explanation about the gender difference....  Can you imagine?  

Even now when I tell him "No" to something or tell him it is time for a bath, or to put on his shoes on,  or wipe his face - "why?".  

It's a good thing he is so cute! ;)