Growing up in a small town has both advantages and disadvantages.  One of my favorites is the security and peacefulness of being in the middle of no where, only corn and soybean fields as far as the eye can see.  In the winter it looks a little barren, but come spring, summer, and fall - it is bountiful and beautiful.

Along these back roads, there are a lot of stories - I am sure many of us could share ;) A lot of memories were made with friends.  They are frozen in time for us to go back and visit when we need a break from reality - and growing up.

We lived out in the country on a farm and Dad would like any excuse to go check out the crops or visit my Aunt and Uncle just down the gravel road.  While B and I were visiting the other day, Dad said, "lets go for a walk" - a common phrase heard often and met with some resistance as a pre-teen and teenager.  But, usually after a few minutes of walking - I enjoyed the time, of course I never wanted to admit while hanging out walk with the old folks that I was enjoying myself.  But, life changes you - it makes those small insignificant moments, significant - thankfully.   So, Me, B, Mom, Dad, and Aunt Zie all went for a stroll down the gravel road.  It made my heart smile.  I reminisced about my childhood and all of the fond memories walking with my family on many warm summer nights.  Brayden loved it :) He got some lessons on nature.  Grandma taught him about clovers - and how to pull them apart and suck the sweet out of the end.  He walked in Grandpa's corn field to measure the growth of the corn.  He ran and played and laughed - just as little boys should do.  No rules except 'don't wander too far'.  




To me, those moments define a childhood. It's how it should be.  Taking a back road in this small town, on a warm summer night with family and laughing - picking clovers, checking corn, and looking for bugs.

It doesn't get better than that.