I feel as though I am receiving signs, direction on what to do.  They could all be coincidental, but it feels like the same message is being pounded into my head.  The message all comes down to one grand purpose; Release and go be great.  

The past couple of Sundays at church have been really wonderful.  I haven't had the opportunity to write about them because I have been so busy editing and posting photo sessions - Yippie!  Last week was about the loving relationship we have with God.  He related it to being in love.  At first, I thought that was weird.  But, he continued talking and it really made more sense the longer I listened.  He alikened the message to how someone feels when you first fall in love.  That feeling makes life lighter, brighter, happier.  The relationship I have with God should make my everyday better (cue light bulb).  I think of those who are much more 'Godly' than I ...  and, they are living proof.  They are happier.  Is it because they put their trust in the Lord?  Is it because they feel their weight is shared?  Or is it because they never feel that they have to go one day or one moment without knowing they are loved?  I don't know.  But, I am working on finding out.  

A few other bloggers / writers I follow both had similar topics one day.  SDL had a great article titled "The Life You Exchange" - great title!  He started with a quote from Henry David Thoreau, “the price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”  Just that quote alone was all I needed to read for it to hit home.  I am getting a lot better at this - I actually think it should be my new motto.  I am trying to only participate in actions that make me better, and happier.  That seems to be common sense, but how often do you compromise yourself for someone else or for a task you dislike?  Little by little it breaks down the person you actually are.   I am no expert...  FAR FROM IT.  I see Life as full of interactions with people in  the form of relationships, be it family, friends, spouses, children, coworkers, strangers, ect.  These interactions all work better with constructive communication.  Share your feelings.  Share your desires and your dislikes.   It serves everybody best if we are honest and true to ourselves. In the long run, everybody wins that way.  

Then there is Marc and Angel - I love them.  I love their inspiration.  Every article of theirs I benefit from reading.  The one I read just the other day, 10 things You Must Give Up to be Successful was a great short list of ideas that make you think.  They are habits that sadly, I catch myself doing, or have done for far, far too long.  I am starting.  I recognize areas in my life where I need to be better.  I think that is important.  Maybe that is just part of adulthood.  I am learning about being healthy - physically, spiritually, mentally, financially.  Young and reckless was so much more fun! - until it comes back to bite me right in the keaster! 

Somehow I stumbled on Becoming Minimalist.  Start Big. Start Small. Start Somewhere. Change is uncomfortable.  I get to deal with that everyday in my 9-5 job.  Helping a company grow and change to achieve a desired result.  It's personal - always.  Be it at the office or at home - it is personal.  I pride myself on 'doing'.  I have always been this way.  I do.  I act.  I have gotten bit or hit - It doesn't matter how I say it.  What it comes down to is I have screwed up.  But, I get back up and do it again, hopefully differently, the next time around.  I am working on applying that to many aspects of my life.  I start too many things and then I don't follow through - like exercising and eating right.  I have never mastered the discipline to do that.  Reading - I love to do it but it always falls down the list of improtance.  My downfall isn't in the starting but, in the finishing.  

I have once again been thrusted into a new series of changes - some of them are great and have turned out as a true blessing - and the others, well - I don't see them as blessings yet, but I am sure it will all work out, in some way or fashion.  Challenges and changes are really just opportunities for growth, no matter how uncomfortable the initial interaction is - I am trying to meet them with an optimistic smile (that is preceded potentially by swearing and crying).  

...Here's to great changes, and welcoming opportunities ;)

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