Life is busy.  And, it keeps getting busier.  This is a true fact that no matter how much wishing and procrastinating - life decides to keeps us on our toes.  That is how it has felt lately.  But, I won't complain...  well, atleast too not much ; )

A sad truth, my memory is bad.  I knew when I started my birthday blog posts that inevitably, I would forget to post about someone.  My saving grace sister, Makenzie (who's birthday is in a few weeks - so, I am sure she is thinking, "don't you dare forget my birthday") sent me a sweet reminder last night, "I know you have been gone and are very busy, but don't forget to do Al's birthday blog."  *Insert a few not so good words in here*  I replied with a "thank you!"  

Al - where, oh where, do I begin?  The path that leads to the relationship that my brother-in-law and I have started a little bumpy.  I, being the protective, opinionated younger sister, who really tried to act like the big sister, often gave Al my two cents.  And Al, being who he is, gave it right back to me.  After a few tough months, and realizing that he wasn't going away - ever, I think we both realized we had to join forces or it would end badly.  So, we did.  And now, I don't think I could ever repay all of the graces Al and my sister Marcy have done for me.  From randomly giving me money while I was in college - to paying my way to Vegas to celebrate my graduation - to moving me countless times, they have always been there for me.  They have been the fighting duo that has supported me, even when I know most often they didn't agree with my decisions.  Al has a famous quote in our family "When you marry one sister, you get them all!"  And, he has stood true to that statement.  He is always there, even reluctantly, to help when we need him.  If it is with a moving truck and trailor, or just a kind word with a hug.  He is always there.  

This duo, Marcy and Al - they celebrated their 10 year anniversary just this weekend.  Has it only been 10 years?! ;) Al has always been sentimental - and, has always wrote the sweetest things for my sister.  He loves her - and will admit to anyone - that she is his life, and best friend.  He shared with me the letter he wrote her for their anniversary...  and, I may have emailed it to myself - to share with everyone.  I will just share the last line...

"...As I told you ten years ago today, I will always be here for you. No matter what it is that you need; whether it is someone to listen to you, to laugh with you, to cry with you, or just someone to grow old with you, I will always be here for you. You are my best friend and I promise I will always be yours!"

Happy belated Birthday Al!  So sorry that I forgot...  Thank you for all of your love and support through these past years.  Our entire family is blessed to have you!