I went on vacation.  It was perfect, well - as perfect as it can be with an almost 3 year old.  I don't think I can even convey how wonderful it felt to get away, I am sure most of you can relate to that feeling - just saying the word 'vacation' gives, I am sure, almost anyone warm fuzzy feelings.  This vacation put me totally behind in work - but, it was worth it.  And, it left me longing for another get away, sooner rather than later.  My 30th birthday is just around the corner...  sounds like a great excuse for a little leave.  

Our journey is going to be divided into 4 separate posts - because, we did so much - and I took over two thousand pictures!  I can't possibly put them all into one post.  

Vacation Post #1: The Resort

I can honestly say, I have not stayed in many nice hotels.  I am cheap, and it has never been that important to me.  While researching, I looked at some condos but wasn't totally sure on location and what the area would be like.  I stumbled onto this beautiful resort, and my gut said 'book it'.  So, I did.  And, I have to say - I couldn't have been happier there. We stayed at Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina.  As soon as we pulled up I was thinking, I don't know if we belong here...  this place is fancy!  Throughout our 5 day stay it was wonderful.  The area was quiet.  The staff was beyond courteous ( I have a few good stories to prove that - see below).  It was just a ferry ride into down town Charleston or a quick 5 minute drive over the bridge.   

The weather was beautiful - a few rainy hours but the sun had no problem taking care of us most of the time.  And the nights - they were perfect.  Check out the pictures below - and a few short stories that accompany them. 


I called on our drive to ask for an upgraded room.  We decided that after Brayden was asleep that it would be relaxing to sit out on a balcony and listen to the waves and quiet.  When I called, I explained to the Customer Service lady the reason for my request.  She said, "I understand.  Don't worry about the extra cost, this is a complimentary upgrade."  And, the view was incredible!



This night on the pier was not our intended plans for the evening.  We were going to drive into Charleston and eat some delicious seafood.  However, our plans were changed when we got to the car, got seat belted in, and then...  the car wouldn't start.  Sigh.  "Well," I said to John, "You can fix it now, or fix it tomorrow.  Either way, B and I will be at the beach."  So, he tried to get a jump with no avail - the battery was dead, completely.  He decided to tackle getting a new battery the next morning and he joined us on the beach for an evening of crab searching.  It was a change in plans - but, I wasn't complaining.  

John had a heck of a time getting the car running.  Asking for many favors from the maintenance staff, from attempting to jump the car, twice - to borrowing their tools.  They were a blessing and helped when it wasn't required of them.

 Lessons on sand:

No matter how many times parents say "Don't throw sand", kids don't listen.  After pleading several times to stop, and he still didn't listen, I sat back and let him learn for himself :)  

 A few of my favorites:


...more tomorrow! ;)