One of my favorite things to do on vacation is look for shells, rocks, and anything else that has been moved from the ocean floor and has made its way to rest along the shoreline.  I sometimes feel silly looking and searching - it's what kids do, right?  Well, group me in with the littles - because I love it.  

I think me and the littles love it differently.  They love the beauty. Children are so perfect they see all of the rocks and shells as beautiful.  That's what makes watching the kids search and hunt so peaceful.  We experience the glory along side them of their new found treasure, in the beauty of their find.  I like all of the pretty ones too, but I really love to look at how they have changed.  I imagine what they looked like before they tumbled along, pushed by the waves.  


I found a piece of glass while searching with Brayden for some heart shaped rocks.  But, it wasn't the sharp peice of broken glass as it started out as.  It was softer, and smoother around the edges.  It was different and changed, but beautiful all the same.  I am sure it faced some tough tides along the journey. 

This journey, this life comes with strong winds and tough tides.  Some days are hard to weather.  Some days it is hard to roll with waves. I keep replaying the sound of the crashing waves in my mind - trying to find calm among the turbulence.  I keep in mind that one of these days, I will make it to the shore.  I will be changed, and smoother around the edges.   Different, but the same - something beautiful will remain.