Today is the first birthday post to a non-family member.  So, it's kindof a big deal ; )  And, I am revealing my, eh hem... boyfriend.  :)  (which is an even bigger deal)! 

Here's John.  

Today is his birthday.  But, it isn't just any birthday.  It is the BIG 3-0!  John, who I have been teasing now for months about turning the thirties corner, isn't really in love with the idea of no longer being in his twenties. But, I think as the days go by, he will get use to it - and learn that it isn't much different.  And, as the days creep closer to me turning 30, he will love it more, because I won't be able to tease him about being old!

I am proud to say that I have known John for 29 years.  His parents and my parents are friends.  We laugh a lot about the intertwining roads that have lead us merging together.  We discuss the annual updates that we would receive after our mothers Saturday lunch.  And we smile that, although our lives are different than we each envisioned, we know they are unfolding just as they should be. 

To my friend of 29 years, that I am just starting to know - Happy 30th Birthday!