My favorite memories of all vacations involve very little.  Usually a few meager items: bucket and shovel, towel, book, camera and a few snacks.  I have always enjoyed our family vacations to Michigan.  But, now that I have Brayden, the experience is completely different.  It isn't just about relaxing and building sand castles - we are building memories.  I snap as many pictures as I can, fearful that Brayden is still too young to remember these moments.    I can still hear it, the lingering laughter from the fun of that day.  I can still feel it.  I will live forever in those moments.  

I caught myself in the middle of this day doing two things that I haven't had the opportunity to do in a very long time.  I read a book.  A really great one.  I am going to blog about it ; )  And, I wore a bikini.  Both of which, I experienced guilt about.  A bikini isn't as becoming on me as it was prepregnancy (pre sixty pounds of skin stretching).  I realized as I was absolutely relaxing reading my book - that there were lots of kids running around.  Big kids.  Teenagers.  Mom's and Dad's were relaxing reading their books and magazines.  


John and Brayden were laughing so loud sitting amongst the waves I could practically hear their laughter over the crashing.  I realized, the day will come when I can read a book on the beach, but this isn't that day.   I decided to put down my book and join them, bikini and all.  

I was amazed at the on-lookers.  They too were reliving the moments from their little ones - watching us was taking them back in time.  They laughed right along with us as Brayden and I laughed and chased each other around the beach; running in and through the oncoming waves.  I saw Mom's in beach chairs, with teenage daughters sitting at their side.  It was evidence of the evolution of a relationship.   More than mom and daughter, but mom and friend.  There was another lady that was alone.  I guessed she was in her late 50's.  She stood and watched us for a long time.  Just stood there and smiled.  I can only imagine her feelings.  I could almost hear her thoughts.  She was silently telling me to hold onto this.  Hold onto him.  Don't let him grow.  Appreciate everything - It goes too fast.  She was telling me that she is evidence of time going too fast.  

Before long, I will be the 50's+ lady in the one piece suit and big brimmed sun hat watching another young mother chase her little man, her pride and joy - and I will be silently telling her, don't let him grow - it goes too fast.  

I was having a blast with Brayden, completely forgetting about the bikini discomforts through the laughing and playing.  I loved the onlookers too.   They were as much part of the experience, we all shared in the laughter.  Through their constant gaze and smiles was the reminder to me to be present in this day.



And what a day it was :)