Evenings are busy.  I pick Brayden up from daycare after work and there is dinner to be made, dishes, laundry, dinner to eat, baths, bills, organize for the next day, all to be done in 3 hours or less.  The list is never ending.  All while Brayden wants attention too.  So, I can never do anything for more then 5 minutes without interruption.  And it's ok.  But, I sometimes feel bad that he doesn't get the full attention from me because of my 'to-do' list and he doesn't have any siblings to play with.  

Then, we got Jojo, our new little kitty.  And now it is like, "Mom, who?"  All he wants is Jojo.  As soon as his eyes open in the morning, "Where's Jojo?"  When I pick him up from daycare, "Are we going to see Jojo?" As we are going to sleep "I want to snuggle Jojo!"  This poor cat probably cringes at the pitter patter of Brayden's little feet as he walks in the door.  She hides under the furniture... a lot.  But, he loves her.  They are best friends, for sure.  And, I can fold laundry without being pulled away, sometimes.  Now the interruption are "Jojo's under the couch, help me get her!"  And, I know Jojo doesn't always want to be found.  She is the sibling that Brayden doesn't have yet.  He occupies his time, his imagination, and his heart.  He really loves her.  We all do. 

(excuse the blurry cell pictures - I was worried I would miss the moment if I ran to et my camera)



Grizzley doesn't seem to mind her either!