"a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" ~ Lao-tzu

I am beaming. glowing. bursting with excitement.  

Opening a studio is a big jump.  Big commitment.  Big rewards, God willing!

Little did I know that when I took pictures of Abby and her family that it would lead me to this point.  I didn't know Abby.  I didn't know any of her friends.  I didn't know any of her family.  We had never crossed paths.  She happened to see a facebook post of mine advertising for family photo sessions.  As the four of us walked to the destination for their pictures we chatted about our lives.  One story lead to another, and then she threw out the idea of me having a studio in her someday store.  I loved the idea, but was I ready?

Abby and I shared a few correspondence back and forth.  She commented, "... to be successful, I have to surround myself with successful people..."  She's right.  Her and I meeting was not by accident or coincidence.  It was intentionally planned by someone greater than us.  And, I know that she is the right person to join forces with.  Being successful separately will make us successful together, and visa-versa too.  We will lift each other.  

When you first meet Abby, she is adorable.  great smile.  bubbly.  personable.  sincere.  kind. driven.  organized.  There are many characteristics of hers that I can learn from.  We are both alike and different in all of the right ways. 

Something that resignates with me, she is a great Mom.  Evan is an adorable little guy.  He is her priority. 


Abby is following her dreams.  She is taking a risk.  She is taking that first step to be successful for herself and her family.  The rewards will be numerous - but, that doesn't come without a lot of hard work.  I am following my dreams (one of them - I have many on my bucket list).  I have spent more nights laying awake planning and dreaming then I could ever count.  Ideas flood my mind during the day.  This dream that I am living now, I never knew I could make it here.  My life and myself have evolved so much in the past 2 years.  The new me doesn't even recognize the old me.  I have lots of growing still but that is an important part of life that I am happy to admit to do.  I grow.  I change, happily.  

The truth about chasing my dream; I am scared.  I have invested time and money - anticipating success.  But, that doesn't come without it's risks.  Loss of time with family.  Loss of money.  Loss of pride if it doesn't work out.  The key to be successful isn't being fearless - it is about pushing through it, one small step at a time.  Doubt and fear can be incapacitating.  They have the ability to keep you static.  I refuse to be static.  I don't know how, honestly.  Step by step we work through the discomforts - even when the finish line is too far to see.  Anything and everything we can think of started this way - an idea and determination to over come fear and obstacles.  We all dare to dream to prove to ourselves, that we can do it.  We can live it. 

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

For Abby and I, It is Knee High to a Grasshoper and Life, Love & Lemons!!  

Stay close by to get sneak peaks of the store / studio in progress and for Grand Opening Specials!