Day 2: Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)

This one is difficult for me to come up with.  For the longest time I was the 'hobbiless girl'.  I hated that question.  "What are your hobbies?"  someone would ask.  My usual response, trying to be funny, but was totally serious, "Does shopping count?" I was much better at the list of things I can't do then the list of things I can. 

Now, with the major shift in my life, I am full of things to do.  I never stop, there is always something.  I realized when I went from the everyday single Mom - no brakes, no time for anything but work and Brayden - to Brayden's Dad moving here and all of the sudden I have almost 3 days every other weekend where I had nothing.  So I dove into photography, furniture painting, and blogging.  I have now realized that they were more then my hobbies, but my therapy and my escape.  It was avoiding the void I felt with not having Brayden.  It became such a necessity I would even choose it over socializing with friends, family, ...  dating.  

It is difficult for me to say 'these are the things I am good at' because I am my own worst critic (at least I hope so).  I am pretty hard on myself about what I produce.  I always know that I can do better and I am ok with knowing that I am still learning.  I embrace my learning most of the time....  but, it also makes me hard on myself too. 

I realize the importance of talking myself up.  Positive output brings a positive input.  So here I go:

I am good at:

  • Photography and editing (but, there is no way I am to a point I could give instructions.  Someday I would love to be a mentor, but I know I have a lot to learn).
  • Repainting furniture using chalk paint - I love this.  It is the best way to give a fresh new look to something you don't love anymore.  It works on any surface and is super easy.  You can't screw it up - which is why I like it!
  1. Use regular latex paint
  2. Mix 2 Cups paint to 2 Tablespoons sandless grout (it must be sandless).  
  3. Paint furniture. 
  4. Do extra layers if you want additional coverage
  5. Sand lightly all over
  6. Sand on edges and corners to give a look that is old / vintage / shabby chic
  7. Use a sealer over the furniture.  It can be a Poly- or a stain depending on the look you want to achieve.  

I have blogged about it previously here and here that gives more instructions. 

Here are some examples of the furniture I have completed:


Give it a try! :) 

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