I am the awkward one behind the swing :) Mallory on the bar and cousins Mike and Jess on the swing


I feel as though I am unique in the way I was raised.  Farm life is very different from the way my the majority of my friends grew up.  I didn't know then, but I loved country life.  I loved it at times, when I wasn't cursing about living out in the middle of no where and not being able to see my friends, but I actually really did love it.  I loved the peacefulness.  I loved our dinners - meat, potato, veggie, and dessert almost every night - a lot of our food was raised right on the farm.  I never knew how different that life was until I had to live it the other way.  I didn't have video games or MTV.  It was around, just not at our house.  We had chores to do, beans to walk, lawn to mow, stalls to clean, laundry on the line, etc, etc. 

I can honestly say I have a neverending list of really great childhood stories - that involve playing kick the can, campfires, grooming animals for 4-H, and even in the work - I found fun :) 

Having a Dad that farms and a Mom that stays home, there was expected roles that they each had.  One of my favorite stories I like to tell is about the jean jacket that I got from my Dad for my birthday.  I had blogged about it previously - and it is still one of my favorites.  

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