It was wonderful driving into work today, sun up, window down and good country music on the radio.  I thought of the word 'release'.  I decided pulling into the parking lot that I would blog about that word.  

It just so happens that today's blog day #8 is: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

So, they fit perfectly together.


Maybe I can only speak for myself, but letting go is difficult.  I think it was my crutch when things didn't go my way, I always had the 'go to' excuse or blame.  I still do it, but the weight of guilt, anger, hurt have started to dissipate with my happiness.  I have slowly started to heal and let go.  I owe much or my release to Brayden.  Having this little person completely dependent on me, I released much of what I thought mattered.  Those once huge circumstances and mind-sets paled in comparison to the magnitude that this little being carried into the world for me.  For the first few years of his life, He was all that mattered.  I sacrificed for him - I rarely see them as sacrifices, it is just what you do.  He is my everything.  Just before I met John, I had been cultivating a world of more then just Brayden.  I learned I had to live for me too.  For the first time, in what seemed like forever, I did things for me, not for someone else.  I dug into the passions that were buried by trying to make others happy, I lost too much of who I was.  I finally developed myself and I believe the world brought me John because prior to that point, I wasn't ready to receive him.  

I released much of what was holding me back from being myself.  Anger, hurt, pride, fear, disappointment in myself and others - gone.  I dove into self development.  I find that I am more myself now then I have been in a very long time.  I still have flaws, but they are just intrinsically who I am.  I accept the flaws, and so does John.  


I have always been a dreamer.  Always.  I believe just as intrinsic as my flaws, so is my ability to dream big.  I believe in some ways it has been my saving grace.  I have never felt defeated when sometimes, externally it may have looked like I was.  I have always known that my life would take off, it may include  detours along the way, but I have always known to get up, push through and find a different path. I can trudge through (usually after a good cry). I know that I / we are not out of the clear, inevitably, there will be more events that will occur that will push us back, or knock us down.  But, I have confidence in us.   We create our circumstances, they only own us if we let them. We won't let them.  

My advice?

Let go of excuses to stop being the best version of yourself.  Release what holds you back, whatever it is.  Run with the dreams that are deep down.  Take small steps to achieve them, whatever they may be.  Most importantly, never let anyone hold you back.  Dream Big.  Dream Small.  Dream for now or dream for the future.  Release and Dream. 

PS. An added bonus, others will see this and it will push them - be it family, friends, strangers... I think it is especially important for our kids to see and learn the meaning of perseverance - we should always be the example.

Happy Hump Day!