I got an email from a childhood friend, she was engaged and getting married in about 3 months.  She needed a photographer for the wedding and engagement pictures done :)  I am lucky to be able to be involved in their special day.  Not only as a guest - but, I get to capture the moments they will cherish for a lifetime. 

Amanda and her family lived on a farm about 5 miles or so from us.  Her family and my family spent many weekend nights together - grilling out home grown burgers, playing kick-the-can, roller skating in the basement, making s'mors on a campfire.  We were all in 4-H together, many crafts, baked goods, and livestock shows spent together.  Their families have been so close to us, they are much like family.  

There is no doubt I will shed a few tears on the day of her wedding - I already did during her engagement session.  I am such a sap! 

Amanda and Ben will be married 2 weeks after John and I.  Some days it is unreal to believe that we are 30, when it feels like just yesterday was sleep overs and make-up.  

Congratulations Amanda and Ben!