I have not blogged in over 2 months!  Lots and LOTS of changes have happened in this VERY short time frame.  Not all will be revealed today - they will make for some very fun posts.  One fun change,  I did get married, and I assume that will turn into multiple posts - the frustrating and the beautiful.  

Today I just wanted to put up a few pictures of my big guy.  We had a little get away over Labor Day weekend and it is just what we needed.  The wedding and everything else going on has made life crazy - so, we took one day to do nothing except enjoy. 

Every year my family goes to Michigan, to Wako Beach.  It is one of the few vacations we took as a family of 8 - but, we went every year just in time to pick peaches and blueberries.  Now, the annual vacation has gotten much larger, now that we are a family of 22, and growing...  However this year, I had my wedding on the weekend we would have gone.  So, a few of us decided to pick up and go spend the day - it wasn't much, but it was perfect.   I cherish that time with Brayden.  The everyday hustle and bustle is so busy.  I am conscious daily about how quickly the time flees - which keeps me loving every  minute I am with him - and it makes me very sad when I am not  (with the exception of the no nap days - those are brutal)

Here is B and My younger sister's family on our mini 1 day vaca!:

all tuckered out - they were all asleep before we even left the parking lot! 

and on the way home...  we got to drive through this: 

I hope to post again soon! I have months of awesome client pictures that I am behind - and the next two months are super busy, but I hope I can keep up better now.  Enjoy your weekend!