My sister, Makenzie, got engaged this summer.  We were all thrilled - very excited to plan another wedding!  I offered Engagement pictures in September during an open slot in my day.  Fall is super busy for family pictures - I wanted to make sure she got them done and it would work with both of our schedules.  But, Makenzie and fiance David were both very busy as well - our schedules never really worked, and Makenzie had mentioned, in passing, something about a winter session.  

If anyone knows me, I would trade these cold winter months for just about anything - It is the worst part about the Midwest, in my opinion.  Well, this winter has started off very cold.  And by very cold, I mean record breaking temps - Yesterday was -45 with the wind chill.  So of course, the weather people are telling us about these unbearable temperatures when Makenzie sends me a text: "Are you available tomorrow to do pictures?" 

Seriously?  You pick the coldest weekend in 30 years??  No, I am not available!  I don't want to be anywhere but under the covers!  But, I look up the weather, and it was going to be 27 - not windy - perfect snow - and a little over cast, so it was literally going to be picture perfect outside.  So, I agreed (reluctantly).  

I dreaded it the night before, and even in the morning when I had to literally roll my big belly out of bed.  But, once I got to their house - and their perfect scenic backyard - I knew this was going to be really beautiful.

See for yourself :)  




Congrats Makenzie & David!  Can't wait for your Septemebr wedding! :)